When I was looking for

a lot of people coming in

offer friendship and love

many times anchored,,over and over I fall

I tried to get up from my past

Sometimes I feel tired to stand

But someone is always there to be my staff

When I known you

What I think is the first time there was no

I think you’re not special

But it can be special when you tried to love me

as a friend,,and more than it

The time that we are going through is not short

Over the years this friendship remain intact

although without any meeting

face to face

But we can feel the feelings each of the heart

My best friend,,my love

you’re only the best,,always

And you’re the last for me

my last port


About Gebrielleizious

Hello My Name is Gabriella Yudithia I was born in August 12 I'm student in Widya Mandala University-Madiun NICE TO MEET YOU.... :)

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